Its VA Craft Beer Month! We have lots of stuff on the schedule to celebrate. Festivals, music at the brewery, tap events, it's ON in August!

Upcoming August Events:

  • 8/8 Music by Boxwave at Seven Arrows

  • 8/12 Tap Event at World of Beer in Charlottesville

  • 8/15 Taste of the Region at the Omni Homestead

  • 8/21 Music by Post Meridian at Seven Arrows

  • 8/22 Music by Sugar Jackets at Seven Arrows

  • 8/22 VA Craft Beer Festival at Devils Backbone

  • 8/26 Tap Event at Bricks and Mortar in Charlottesville

  • 8/29 Burgers and Beer with Jake's Bar and Grill at Seven Arrows

What a day last Tuesday was. We started our first canning run of our Eventide IPA and our Skyline Lager! We are so excited to have those beers in cans and in stores!

Huge Thanks to Old Dominion Canning for coming out and helping us get our first brews on the shelf!


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Last Saturday was a Moonfest, a music festival with local artists and Seven Arrows Beers!

We had a great time, and hope it becomes an annual festival! So glad we got to be a part of it!


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We've got some beer updates for June!

We have our Coffee Infused Pils back (yay!), a new Pale Ale called Pressure Release Pale Ale, and our beer of the month is our Malestrom Red.

At the end of the month we will be canning our first brews. We'll be canning our Eventide IPA and our Skyline Lager. We are excited to see them coming out in stores!


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We had a great weekend! We were at Valleyfest in Massanutten and we had our first beer dinner at the Omni Homestead.

Thanks to all those that came out and visited our booth at Valleyfest and also a huge Thanks to the Omni Homestead for creating such an awesome menu for us to showcase our beer.


What a delicious menu!

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It was Craft Beer Week this week. In honor of the closing of such an awesome week, we are doing $4 pints for our 4 core main brews Friday and Saturday!

Something that was pretty exciting, we saw our logo at Walmart! Its the little things folks:)

- Seven Arrows