Nobos Kitchen Menu

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Wings $12

A pound of house brined and fried chicken wings. Served with a choice of ranch or blue cheese.

Pick up to two different favors.

Sauces: Hot, Mild, BBQ, Honey Mustard and Hot BBQ

Dry Rubs: Ranch, Mango Chipotle, Key West, Teriyaki, Caribbean Jerk, Southshore, Garlic Parmesan,

Salt ‘n’ Vinegar, Spicy Curry, Southwest.

Bites $10

A large portion of our buttermilk marinated chicken bites fried crispy with choice to toss in any of our sauces or dry rubs.

Fried Pickles $8

A large portion of pickle chips tossed in our season flour and fried golden brown.

Pierogis $7

8 Pierogis fried until golden, served with sour cream. Add bacon and cheese for $3.

Cajun Shrimp $11

½ pound of our shrimp tossed in house Cajun, fried or grilled.

Basket of Fries $7

A pound of our crispy battered fries served with house chipotle ranch. Add bacon, chorizo and/or queso for $1 each.

Onion Ring Basket $9

A shareable size order of our battered onion rings fried golden brown and served with house zesty sauce.

Midwest Chicken Bites $13

An order of our chicken bites tossed in BBQ sauce, then topped with red onion, bacon bits and mixed cheese.

Nachos $13

Choice of chips or pork rinds.

Choice of chicken, chorizo or pork.

Mix cheese, queso, black bean corn salsa, jalapenos and sour cream layered between house fried corn chips.


Rueben $14

House sliced corn beef with swiss cheese, sauerkraut and house dressing on marble rye. Choice of side.

Cuban $14

Mojo marinated pork loin, pulled pork, ham, swiss, pickle, mustard and mayonnaise pressed on a hoagie. Choice of side.

Pulled Pork $10

House brined, slow roasted and hand pulled pork butt. Topped with sweet BBQ sauce and our house slaw on a toasted pub bun. Choice of side.

Nobos Bowl $11

Chicken, chorizo, black bean corn salsa, mix cheese, jalapenos topped with queso.

Chicken Philly $13

Chicken sautéed with bell peppers, caramelized onions, mushrooms topped with house queso on a hoagie roll. Choice of side.

Warriors Wrap $11

Shredded chicken, bacon, mix cheese, black bean corn salsa, mix greens and house chipotle ranch wrapped in a flour tortilla. Choice of side.

Catfish Sandwich $9

Large catfish filet tossed in Cajun flour and fried golden brown with mix green, tomato and house tartar on a hoagie. Choice of side.

Shrimp Po’boy $13

⅓ pound of Cajun grilled shrimp with mix green, tomato and house remoulade on a hoagie. Choice of side.

Shrimp Tacos $14

3 soft shell tacos, Cajun shrimp, black bean corn salsa and green onion for garnish.

Seafood Platter $14

Our fried catfish filet, ⅓ pound of shrimp and fries served with house cocktail and tartar sauce.


Hand pattied beef or veggie burger. Served on a beer infused pub bun. Choice of side.

BYO $10

25¢ - Tomato, mix green, pickle, jalapeno, sauces

50¢ - Cheese, queso, onion, mushroom, banana peppers

75¢ - Slaw, bacon

Cowboy $13

Bacon, cheddar, onion ring, BBQ sauce, mix green, tomato and jalapeno.

Islander $11

Tossed in Caribbean jerk, jalapeno, salsa and chipotle ranch.


Add chicken $3

Add Shrimp $4

Mixed Green $10

Red onion, tomato, cucumber and mix cheese

Dressings: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Zesty, Blush Vinaigrette, Italian.


Fry $2

Slaw $2

Potato Salad $2

Onion Ring $3

Side Salad $4


Mini Corn Dogs with fries $7

Chicken Bites with fries $7

Sweet Tooth

Classic churros with house apple icing $6